Where we started

Back in 1998, when 414 Timber was established, we manufactured high quality joinery products for most sectors of the construction industry. Although a variety of work was undertaken, we quickly established an enviable reputation for our work with high quality, durable items produced in oak. This is still one of our specialities. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and personal service; one valued by both our trade and retail customers alike. We’re still a family run business; our personnel’s combined experience adds up to over a century in the fencing and building trade.

We’ve moved on

In 2004, our search for larger workshop facilities led us to our current site at Briggens Park, Stanstead Abbots. This 20-acre site enabled us to expand our business, developing a wide range of timber garden products.

Who we are today?

Since then, the fencing side of the business has really grown, consolidating supply to both trade and retail customers. Alongside that, we’ve also developed a proud reputation for our highly skilled joinery work. So now, 414 Timber & Fencing is simply 414 Fencing. And under our new Lionwood brand, we’ll continue to produce an expanding catalogue of bespoke projects. These range from prestige estate gates, windows, doors, staircases and furniture as well as fit-outs for bars, restaurants, hotel rooms and receptions. Recently, we’ve added modern luxury cabins to our list of specialist commissioned woodcraft projects on offer.

Why choose 414 Fencing?

Our philosophy is: if we don’t stock it, we can make it for you. You’ll be hard pushed to find another supplier offering such an exceptional range of garden fencing products that 414 Fencing does at our on-site store. We’re also here to help you get what you want. If you need a certain gate but would like it a little wider and in a certain type of wood, we can make it for you. If you want your posts cut down to a particular length, we can do that for you too.

Why choose Lionwood?

If you’ve seen something you like, we can make it for you. You may want to furbish a special property with windows, doors and a staircase, all in a particularly individual style. Or you may wish to install impressively distinctive electrically-operated driveway gates, fit-out a highly personalised venue with individual built-in furniture and fittings, create a garden living space – that’s what our Lionwood joinery master craftsmen will do for you. In other words, we’re creative and entirely flexible, and able to assist you with design and construction advice, including choosing the right materials to suit your project budget.


The Environment

At 414 Fencing and Lionwood we care for the environment. Wherever possible, our timber is sourced from FSC credited suppliers. Otherwise, it is obtained from well known mainly UK sustainable timber growers. All our production waste is deliberately kept to a minimum, recycled or processed in a way that does not contribute to landfill.

Delivering to you

We always do our very best to offer more than a kerbside delivery. Our drivers are there to help you get your products to where you want them. We deliver 6 days a week, Mondays to Saturdays. Normally, stock fencing products are delivered within 1 to 2 days. Usually, we can provide you with an accurate idea of what time we will arrive, so you can relax and plan your day with confidence.